Conference rooms

Our new premises are bright and modern, but with touches of history. We have chosen to name our conference rooms after some of the greats of the Gustavsberg factory, who have put themselves and Gustavsberg on the world map of art and design.

Stig Lindberg, Tyra Lundgren, Lisa Larson and Wilhelm Kåge are four profiles who have worked here throughout Gustavsberg’s history. They have created famous porcelain collections and works of art that adorn many homes and museums both in Sweden and around the world, as well as our hotel.

We have therefore chosen to call our new conference rooms Stig, Tyra, Lisa and Wilhelm.

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Lokal Bio Skol Styrelse U-bord Öar Stolar i ring Teknik
Stig 60 40 22 30 30 28 PC-kanon, hörslinga, microfon, ljudsystem
Tyra 10 8 12 12 LED-TV monitor
Lisa 10 8 12 12 12 LED-TV monitor
Wilhelm 12 LED-TV monitor
Tyra & Lisa 24 20 18 18 12 18 PC-kanon & ljudanäggning

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