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Here at Hotell Blå Blom, we can help you learn more about different types of food and drinks with the help of different types of partners who have a love for their particular ingredient or product. Cheese, tea, coffee, chocolate, meat, champagne, etc. – there’s plenty to learn about most things. What are you interested in? Let us know and we’ll help you with a fun arrangement. Below you can read about some of the activities we recommend in the Food & Drink area.

A wine tasting at Blå Blom is exciting, fun and informative. Wine can be difficult but we make it understandable for you.
The wine tasting is led by an inspiring and knowledgeable sommelier and is suitable for everyone!

Price: 5000 SEK/hour
Min/max pers: 60/20
Duration: 1 hour
Not far from Gustavsberg’s harbor is Rindö, where Ostmakeriet is located and produces locally produced cheeses.

During the tasting, we enjoy 5 different varieties along with various tasty accompaniments, such as a delicious seeded sour milk loaf, fantastic marmalades and home-baked crackers and fruits. You also get to taste a good sparkling apple cider.

While you are enjoying the goodies, Anna from Ostmakeriet will tell you a little about the history of the cheeses and their different production and maturing methods. Tips and advice on serving and additional suitable drinks and accompaniments.

Price: Request a quote
Min/max pers: 8/36
Duration: 1.5 hours

Good tea is a matter of taste – discover it during a tea tasting! An exciting and slightly different activity. Smell and taste different types of tea, and listen to its history and culture.

Price: Request a quote
Duration: 1-1.5 hours

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