In the spirit of porcelain

Gustavsberg is a strong brand that has been known worldwide for its porcelain for many centuries. When you visit Gustavsberg, we think you should take the opportunity to immerse yourself in its history. Many people have lots of old china in their cupboards at home and a lot of it comes from here. History interests most people. Seeing how plates and cups are hand decorated is also very interesting. Or why not – try decorating your own cups and mugs. We will help you find the right activity in “The spirit of porcelain”.

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Gustavsberg manufactures genuine porcelain such as tableware and artefacts in bone china and stoneware. Ingegerd Råman, Signe Persson Melin, Stig Lindberg and Margareta Hennix are examples of the artists behind our design.

HushållsPorslinsFabriken (HPF), which had been in continuous operation since 1825 (the first firing took place in 1827), was taken over as number seven in the line of owners, under new management in 1996 when some of the employees became owners. The factory has a new owner since 2019 – Sisyfos Group AB.

The factory, which is Sweden’s only porcelain factory, marks its porcelain with the well-known anchor mark and “Made in Gustavsberg Sweden”.
During the tour, you will learn about the interesting history of the company and its production, and you will see the different steps involved in creating a piece of porcelain. We get to see old well known pieces.

Duration: Approx. 30-40 minutes
Price: Ask for a quote

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Gustavsberg’s Porcelain Museum is a ceramic treasure trove with extensive collections from Gustavsberg’s more than 170 years of porcelain manufacture.

The base exhibitions show the history of porcelain from an international perspective. It tells the history of Gustavsberg, the role of the factory in society and the production of porcelain from its inception in 1825 until its closure in 1993.

The museum and its exhibitions can of course be visited on your own, but the best experience is to book a guided tour, where you will of course be told the whole history by the museum’s great guides.

The museum has been renovated and opened its doors again on 16 June 2020 under the auspices of the National Museum.

Duration: Approx. 1 hour
Price: Ask for a quote

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