At the end of the conference day, it can be nice to just relax or experience and enjoy the afternoon with your colleagues.

Below you can read about what we at Hotel Blå Blom have to offer.

Sailing in the archipelago is a group-strengthening activity in an unbeatable environment.

Set the course and do everything together on the boat with the help of an experienced skipper.

Basic price: fr. 12,000 SEK/boat

An exciting and speedy way to get around the Stockholm archipelago. Perhaps a good means of transport right to our dock or a spin before, after or during the conference?

We work together with Öppet Hav, who have many years of experience. We’ll help you book!

Price: Request a quote

Seeing the Stockholm archipelago from above is a magical experience. We work together with Öppet Hav, who organize various kinds of helicopter tours.

Contact our booking department for more information.

Price: Request a quote

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