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Below is a brief presentation of some of our partners we use to offer you the best activities in porcelain making, art, history, team building exercises, exercising, movement and group development.

Gustavsberg’s Porcelain Museum is a ceramic treasure trove with extensive collections from Gustavsberg’s more than 170 years of porcelain manufacture. The base exhibitions show the history of porcelain from an international perspective. It tells the history of Gustavsberg, the role of the factory in society and the production of porcelain from its inception in 1825 until its closure in 1993.
The museum and its exhibitions can of course be visited on your own, but the best experience is to book a guided tour in advance, where you will of course be told the whole history by the museum’s great guides.

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Gustavsberg manufactures genuine porcelain such as tableware and artefacts in bone china and stoneware. Ingegerd Råman, Signe Persson Melin, Stig Lindberg and Margareta Hennix are examples of the artists behind our design.

HushållsPorslinsFabriken (HPF), which had been in continuous operation since 1825 (the first firing took place in 1827), was taken over as number seven in the line of owners, under new management in 1996 when some of the employees became owners. The factory, which is Sweden’s only porcelain factory, marks its porcelain with the well-known anchor mark and “Made in Gustavsberg Sweden”.

The company is entirely privately owned and manufactures complete bone china tableware and stoneware products in the old factory premises in Gustavsberg, 20 km east of Stockholm. The specialty is bone china, which is the only one of its kind in the Nordic countries, with traditions in the factory dating back to the last decades of the 19th century.

The factory manufactures products for both professional kitchens and private consumers. Monogram services, such as coat of arms, boat and company tableware are a specialty.

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Art, Activities, Archipelago…
The name Artipelag is an amalgamation of Art, Activities and Archipelago. That says a lot about what we can offer, but far from everything. Our intention has been to create a destination at a high international level – with cross-border art exhibitions, inspiring activities and great food.

The 10,000 m2 space houses a large art gallery and a shop with its own design products. This is where our Artbox shines – a huge event, recording and performance space with accompanying artist spaces. There are activity areas for children and young people, conference rooms of various sizes and two restaurants – both with outdoor seating and magnificent sea views.

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One of the hotel’s closest neighbors is the Gustavsberg Hall of Arts, one of Europe’s leading venues for contemporary arts and crafts. Our exhibitions cover all kinds of material and show both internationally recognized practitioners and a younger avant-garde generation. We offer both guided tours for adults and workshops for children and young people. In our shop we sell carefully chosen works from the country’s most famous artists.

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PlusPT is a unique training concept run by Elisabet Pärsdotter Westman, who has several years of experience in exercising and training plans for both elite athletes and beginners. Nature provides strength and energy that gives exercising an extra boost and a new dimension. plusPT mainly uses your own body as a tool.

PlusPT arranges morning exercise and various training events at Skeviks Gård. Keep an eye on our website, facebook or contact us or PlusPT for info.

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Öppet Hav is a safe provider who spreads joy and harmony. We are in a unique location in the middle of Stockholm and with our wide range of activities, we promise you an experience beyond the ordinary. The implementation of Our activities and experiences are carried out and ensured by our employees, also known as “joy promoters”, who run them out without intermediaries. The fact that we own the “tools” we use, such as boats, helicopters and activity equipment, means that we can guarantee the highest quality at affordable prices.

Our constant quest to offer the best activities to our guests makes us a market leader in the development of new products for the meetings and experiences industry.

We work persistently for the sustainable development of the Stockholm archipelago. Optimizing the customer’s experience while minimizing the impact as much as possible on the local natural and cultural environment is very important to us. Protecting the environment is a must if we are to continue to operate.

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Aktivitetsteamet has one of the widest ranges of activities for conferences and experiential meetings on the market.

We divide our activities into three different areas.

There is of course a blurred line between the different strands of our activities and we should always be able to combine the different elements to create the best possible overall experience. All our activities can be carried out in both Swedish and English, both spoken and written.

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Through yoga, we gain many benefits: energy, flexibility and strength while at the same time becoming grounded and de-stressed.

Mindfulness brings presence, focus and clarity of thought. Offering yoga/mindfulness during the conference is an excellent way to optimize participants’ well-being and ability to concentrate, focus and be creative.

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