Blå Bloms History

Hotel Blå Blom offers an exciting history with roots dating back to the mid-19th century, when the porcelain factory started and one of the buildings in which our hotel is located was built.

1825 Gustavsberg Porcelain Factory starts its porcelain production.

In 1852 the Old Workshop was built, today the oldest remaining factory building. In the workshop, one of the most important processes in porcelain production took place, namely shaping the mass into products, by turning or by hand molding.

In 1859, the Old Slip House was built, where the mass preparation took place with, among other things, the help of a large steam machine. This is the building where the Gustavsberg Porcelain Factory started its porcelain production.

In 1870, Gustavsberg launched the Blå Blom (Blue Flower) porcelain series in bone china.

In 1940, the production of refrigerated counters moved into the Old Workshop and the mass molding process was moved to other premises.In 1950, the last slip workers moved out of the Old Slip House and during the late 20th century it was used as a fire station, police station and office building1967–2002  During this period, the Old Workshop had many different tenants, including the Porcelain Museum, occupational health services, offices and student accommodation.

In 2002, the Röhdin family opened the doors of Hotel Blå Blom in the Old Workshop building.

In 2008 , the family business Flink & Partners acquired Hotel Blå Blom, which today runs the hotel with restaurant and conference facilities. The neighboring property, the Slip House, (“Police House”) was also acquired. Currently there are 3 tenants in the building, the Police Authority, ER Real Estate and the restaurant il Porto.

2012 The company Flink & Partners also acquires the hotel and conference facility Skeviks Gård, approx. 3 km from Gustavsberg. The acquisition creates new opportunities for Hotel Blå Blom to work more closely with other hotels and conference rooms, enabling more people to visit Gustavberg.

2013 During the year, Hotel Blå Blom creates new cornerstones that will take the hotel into the future:
– Culture & History
– The working environment around Gustavsberg
– The meeting between people
– Attending to our guests & partners
– Home-grown and Locally produced great food
are the values and cornerstones that will permeate the business and the guest experience.

In 2016-2017, the transformation of the Old Slip House begins, where the hotel is expanded with new modern conference rooms and six new hotel rooms. New tenants are also moving in in the form of an estate agent’s office and a deli. The restaurant il Porto has changed hands and is now run as a pub under the name Hamnkrogen.

Hotel Blå Blom into the future

In 2018-2020, the hotel is further expanded with 10 hotel rooms and a new entrance and reception area, as well as a new bar and lounge area. The hotel can then offer 42 hotel rooms with a total of 70 beds.
Our cornerstones will continue to be important cogs in our future and the collaboration with Skeviks Gård continues.
Hotel Blå Blom in Gustavsberg is today a place for people and groups who are here for recreation and work and will continue to be so in the future.