Environment & Sustainability

Caring for the environment comes natural for us who work among islets and skerries and with the archipelago as our closest neighbor. Our industry is a resource-intensive one and it is incumbent on us to ensure that we operate with as little negative impact on the environment as possible.

We are always actively working with the environment, both in the small day-to-day things and in the big, longer-term decisions. The measures taken over the years have resulted in an elaborate and well-established policy and a targeted environmental program.

Together, we have developed an action plan and measures that we strive for on a daily basis.

The CEO has the ultimate responsibility for the maintenance of the hotel’s environmental policy and must support all initiatives to maintain and achieve set environmental objectives. The environmental policy must serve as a contract between the CEO and the staff and must be revised once a year.

We are also actively working on:

  • Addressing environmental issues at annual briefings with staff
  • Staff to undergo regular environmental training
  • Primarily, we use partners and suppliers who can demonstrate their own environmental policy and/or an approved eco-label.
  • Informing guests on site about our work and what they can do

At our sister establishment Skeviks Gård, located 3 km from Hotel Blå Blom, we run our own farm with both a large organic vegetable farm and our own animals of Swedish native breeds. Here you will find our Linderödes pigs, Rödkulle cows, Klövsjö sheep and Hedemora chickens.

This farming provides us with locally produced vegetables and meat that not only reduces transport, but above all benefits the biodiversity of the area and provides healthy meat from animals that are free to roam all year round and vegetables that are grown here. As a bonus, it also provides incredibly tasty and nutritious food for all food lovers.

Even our water is mostly produced here, as we use our own water machines and try to reduce the use of bottled water and offer, where possible, our own filtered drinking water. We can of course also carbonate it for those who prefer that.

On Värmdö and throughout the Stockholm Archipelago you will find many food artisans and small scale growers. On Värmdö alone, within our own municipal boundary, we find beer, cheeses, meat, asparagus, jams, mustard, rapeseed oil, juices and cider, brandy, among other things. If you go a little further out around the Mälaren valley, you will find additional farms and food artisans we work with.

We buy locally to partly reduce our environmental impact, but also to promote small-scale production and, not least, the quality of our ingredients and products.

Where we cannot find local ingredients and food products, we work as much as possible with organic ingredients, but also according to the season. For instance, our wine list has been 100% organic since 2014.

In addition to the wine, you will find many other products on our breakfast menus that are KRAV-certified/organic.

We try to reduce the use of bottled water and primarily offer, where possible, our own filtered tap water.
We can of course also carbonate it for those who prefer that.

We also make sure not to waste water and are successively replacing low flow taps and toilets.

We do the following to reduce our energy consumption:

  • Successively switching to energy-saving light bulbs.
  • Successively ensure that exterior lighting is needs-based
  • Successively ensuring that interior lighting becomes presence detecting
  • Our sauna is timer controlled

We do the following to reduce the consumption of chemicals:

  • Brominated and chlorinated flame retardants are not used
  • Phosphate-free detergents are used
  • Allow guests to keep towels and sheets. “Note in bathroom”
  • Apply dry cleaning methods where possible
  • Only use eco-labelled cleaning products where possible
  • Training on dishwashing equipment given to all staff
  • Dishwashers are serviced at least once a year

We do the following to best manage and reduce our waste:

  • We compost biological waste or send it on to a central composting facility
  • We sort all other waste according to the municipality’s waste management
  • We minimize the amount of single-use packaging
  • Avoid bottled water as much as possible, as we use our own water that is filtered and carbonated.

Our environmental and sustainability work is also about everyone living a healthy life.

By this we mean, among other things:

  • Have an active and healthy lifestyle, where working out and exercise are an important part of everyday life
  • Eat healthy and nutritious food, preferably “home-cooked” from clean and local ingredients and/or organic ingredients.
  • Be wise, thoughtful and restrained with life’s vices such as chocolate, sweets, alcohol, pastries etc – but also allow yourself to enjoy them.
  • To laugh, have fun, enjoy and do things that make you feel good
  • Helping your fellow man

At Hotel Blå Blom, we encourage both our guests and our staff to do the above by providing opportunities for exercise, fresh air and locally produced food.